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The 2nd Pan-Pacific Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Conference

(PPTELL 2019)


With the rapid growth of information and communications technologies during the last 50 years, research in language learning has introduced significant innovations in learning approaches and teaching paradigms. Many studies have assessed the viability of implementing technologies, such as virtual reality, mobile devices, social-networking technology, and MOOCs for language learning. A tremendous amount of research calls for a need to address the issue of smart learning environments (SLE) in the field of technology-enhanced language learning. Such a need aims to examine crucial elements in language learning such as effectiveness, flexibility and adaptability, and to reflect previous findings from the perspective of SLE. Below are the three main questions researchers in this field have been dealing with:

(1) How to afford contextual sufficiency for language learning environments in terms of social constructivism, ontology and epistemology?

(2) How to create dynamic paths with personalized learning settings catering for language learners’ different cognition, behavioral habits, social psychology and emotions?

(3) What are the principles and methods a teacher may adopt to enhance efficiency, engagement, flexibility and adaptability in smart language learning?

To answer the aforementioned questions, PPTELL 2019 invites researchers to share the findings of their innovative works that contain relevant topics in the forms of oral presentations or keynote speeches. This conference will be a platform for knowledge exchange between domestic and international participants.